Tragedy of the private

Immobile mobility

There is a certain state in which we become so close that we can no longer relate to each other. We gradually reduce the physical distance d between us to a point where d=0 and there is no potential social energy, i.e. the self-reliance is less than a threshold, and social distance is maximum. Our perceived weakness is amplified, as our conscious self-sacrifice is represented and erased by the man shouting “boşlukları dolduralım”. To put it in “social dilemma” terms: Each of the persons in the bus agrees to silently sacrifice a small amount of her private freedom for a significant good for the newcomer. In the end, so much is sacrificed and we have an increasingly deficient stability. Therefore it is not the “tragedy of the commons“, but the tragedy of the private. The frog dies in boiling water.

Turkish translation

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