Game Developers Conference

Next week, game developers of the world are uniting once again in GDC 09 at San Fransisco to develop new ways to create worlds by developing games. Also, International Game Developers Association is bringing 25 students from around the world to this conference, including me.

The conference includes several lectures and roundtables about many issues regarding game programming, design, art etc. and also social aspects. Being emerged as a social gaming culture, MMORPG’s are a very hot topic. There is a wide spectrum, including browser based MMO’s in one side and 3D games like WoW on the other. Every game has a semantic definition of a game world, including races, weapons, items. However, most MMO’s rely on new patterns of communication and economics that emerge on top of these basic definitions. These patterns do not directly correspond to real world entities, -thus a game- but their power inside the game-world extends through the gamers themselves outwards to the culture and economy of the real world. Chinese Gold Farmers is a excellent example of this phenomenon.

As a blog devoted to social aspects of gaming and ludic aspects of social networking, The Netplay will be reporting from the very scene after the conference takes place in March 23-27.

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