The game of networking

One of the purposes of GDC is the so-called “networking” which is apparently a huge game of card and keyword swapping. It is like a ritual, actually there are written rules to it. Basically, you approach a circle of people, listen to them a bit, make intelligent comments, describe your purpose and method of achieving, then swap cards with whom you talked to. Most of the time, you (are supposed to) approach “complete strangers” based on the assumption that they are worth talking to because you both got through that door. Linkedin is the industry standard for business connections (next to the card of course). It is also recommended to maintain a private database of personal acquintances, so that you can remember people when you see them.

The bottom-line is, to play this game of networking, you have to setup a “profile”. However, you just have a few “info” lines to fill until the person ticks you out and turns to someone else.
It was also interesting to run into Armagan Yavuz, the lead developer of Mount & Blade, while walking on the streets of San Fransisco.

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