And the award goes to…

Tonight was the Game Developer Choice Awards and the Independent Games Festival. The ceremony is like oscars of video games. There are several awards like audio, writing, innovation, etc. We were in this huge conference room, with fancy lights and screens on the stage like a TV studio. They selected several games and gave their awards for nearly two hours. Some were art games like “In Between”, some were indie games like “World of Goo” or “Braid”, and some were AAA games like Fallout 3 and Prince of Persia. For every winning game, a few guys from the development team was called on stage to make a speech and thank people. I mean, guys. The thing is, the developers that appeared on stage were 100 percent male, and the people they thanked were 40% their fiancee, and 40% their parents (especially their mother) usually for “putting up” with them. This was because most of these guys dedicated themselves excessively to game making, while their fiancees or mothers apparently continued to love and care.

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