The Final Solution – Postmortem

This article was originally posted on Ludum Dare Compo site about my entry for LD#14 with the theme “Advancing Wall of Doom”. If you did not play my game “The Final Solution”, you can get its win32 binaries and source code from my previous post.

This is my first LD.

I recently attended Global Game Jam [1], which was another 48-hour game competition held in 53 places around the world. We were 48 developers in Ankara divided into 13 teams/individuals, working like bees in our cubicles. My two friends joined separate groups and I started to make a game myself.

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Ludum Dare

Last weekend I attended 14th of Ludum Dare, an online game making competition, which is indeed like a game itself. The competition is held three times a year (triannual), the rules are simple, you have to develop a game around the given theme from scratch in 48 hours.

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A new book

Dijital Oyun Rehberi is a new book we just completed, soon to be in stores. I am one of the editors and Başar is the cover designer. The subjects are: Traditional games, simulation, game design, value chain, productive contribution of gamers, modding and machinima, Turkish gamers, game expertise, MUDs, real life simulations, MMOs, game studies. If you are interested to buy & read, I can help.

By the way, you can follow my GDC notes from Dijital Oyun Kültürü blog.

Post-GDC report for IGDA


Until I attended GDC, game industry was a mystery to me. I felt I belonged there, despite the fact that I could only follow its trails on the internet. Now it makes more sense: There are AAA game companies, there are social games, and there are mobile games, and of course indie games and gameplay experimenters (also game journalists, researchers and writers). Everyone knows that these types of games and their developers exist, but in GDC, one can definitely see and feel the separations between them, their differences in motivations and cultural characteristics. You can then ask yourself who you really want to be, and where you will take part.

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Old world with a new spin

Did you play “Edge” for iPhone / iPod Touch by Mobigame?

I liked it, because it reminded me of my childhood memories of Spindizzy Worlds.

Odd thing to have vivid memories of a place that never existed physically.

Continuous effort to control oneself, fear of falling off the cliff, wandering in an overly arranged world, touching its distinctive objects of activity…  Seems so unrelated to real life, but it is so real.