Play like a song

I played the iPhone version of “Crazy Penguin Catapult” by Digital Chocolate and I think it is a game that almost feels like a song. Let me explain why.

Like the verse, bridge and chorus of a song, there are three screens in the game that follow each other circularly, and each screen is accompanied by a music that almost harmonically progresses the previous screen’s music.

  1. The map. You see your progress, and move on to next level.
  2. The throwing. Each penguin comes in turn to swing on the rope until you tap and throw it.
  3. The dropping. Each penguin you threw flies over the scene in turn until you tap and drop it.

In addition to the main game loop formed by the circular motion of these 3 screens, screens 2 and 3 contain a periodicity in themselves.

The following video shows screens 2 and 3:

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