Ludum Dare

Last weekend I attended 14th of Ludum Dare, an online game making competition, which is indeed like a game itself. The competition is held three times a year (triannual), the rules are simple, you have to develop a game around the given theme from scratch in 48 hours.

The themes are voted before the compo, and the games are voted afterwards, all by the developer community. There are also considerations for a fair voting, like: Only people that submitted a game may vote. The games appear on page in random order while voting. There are several categories, but you don’t have to vote for everything. The categories are: Overall, Fun, Innovation, Theme, Polish, Graphics, Audio, Humor, Technical, Journal, Food, TimeLapse.

Here are the winners of LD13 with the theme ‘Roads’. I recommend increpare’s game, Rara Racer. There is also a GRID composed of screenshots all submitted games.

There are certain social conventions and traditions that are sustained by the LD community. For example, developers send photos of foods they eat during the compo and they are voted in the category ‘Food’. The journals submitted are voted in its own category. And also, some of the competitors record their computer screen throughout 48 hours and put them in fast motion video, and they are rated in TimeLapse. Creating ‘motivational posters’ about the theme is also very common.

In LD14, the theme was Advancing Wall of Doom. This is a videogame element, used in many former games. My entry is called “The Final Solution”. You can download and play it on Windows.

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