Final Solution

I developed a little game called “Final Solution” for Ludum Dare, a 48 hour, from scratch game-making competition. It tells the story of a different prisoner every time it is started. It includes fluid simulation for death gas.

Final Solution (for Windows)

The scores show that the game is not visually pleasing, not fun and not funny, but more innovative and techical than 85% of other submitted games, and somewhat better than average in overall scores. The comments describe the game as depressing, creepy, artsy, smart, cool, interesting, intriguing, immersive and impressive. What is good: Esthetics, story, atmosphere, gas simulation. What is bad: Lack of tactile feel, frustrating controls, fitting but non-original sound.

“Final Solution” in LD14 <– here you can download and play the game, see the evolution of it, read its postmortem and people’s responses.

Here are the full results of LD14


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