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ROAR Collective posts about the debate, some comments, probably more to follow:


In the ongoing spat between the two giants of the intellectual left, Chomsky accuses Žižek of finding “literally nothing that is empirically wrong.”

Editor’s Note: This is the latest reply by Noam Chomsky to Slavoj Žižek. The debate between the two was kicked off late last month when Professor Chomsky remarked that Žižek is the “most extreme example” of the empty intellectual “posturing” of the European continental philosophers. A few days ago, Žižek in turn shot back that he “doesn’t know a guy who has been more empirically wrong” than Chomsky. Now Chomsky replies to Žižek’s allegations in an open letter originally published by Znet.



i believe the absurdity of the debate is telling. chomsky & zizek can be sides of an antagonism about the “symbolic class” or academy.. or shall we say “acadeny”?


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