a meme translated from turkish (in turkish pronouns are genderless)



there is no “he” / “she” / “it”, all three are “o”

word-by-word it is “whoa how come it is dating it”. every third person is das Es.

“o”(he/she/it) may indicate people as well as things, but when you say “bu”(this) it indicates a thing




ancient turkish:


in national education we are taught that for atatürk or god we have to capitalize “O” and apostrophe its affices, like “onu seviyorum” for any random person and “O’nu seviyorum” for god or atatürk, meaning “i love It”, “ich liebe das Es”. so freudo-lacanian, isn’t It


not to mention ata-türk = father-turk / ancestor-turk, surname given to the founder of turkish republic, because turkish people had no surnames before the republic


and many were not turkish at all, and most of them still isn’t, but that’s another story


i mean “most of those who were not turkish” still are not turkish, because “some of those who were not turkish” have become turkish, and moreover, many of those who did not become turkish are no longer alive


if you say “turkish”, it means “türk”. a more accurate term would be “türkiyeli=from turkey” but official people-with-jacket cannot utter that. they can only utter the word “turkish”, referring to the dealing their predecessors have made in Lausanne after WW1 when Syria-Iraq-Iran were drawn


another thing: PKK(kurdish workers party) started a guerilla war against turkish army in 1984 and PKK’s leader has the surname “öc-alan=revenge-taker”


well prime minister speaks of his “kurdish brothers” sometimes, but the constitution says “there are only turks, you cannot speak against turkishness” etc.


and prime minister’s surname is “er-doğan = man-born / soldier-born”.


and here’s more: zizek = (turkish) çiçek = flower and lacan = (old english) to move about or up and down, like rolling water or flames; to soar, to wave, to sway http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/lacan

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