a sentence

here is a sentence:

ex-amples are in-turnal ex-amplifications of ex-pression

1) ex-amples : examples carry an “amplitude” of goodness-appropriateness with them that is not automatically a “service of goods” or “utility” as a “positive” thing

2) are : they be, they are thrown, they receive names

3) in-turnal = en-tropic. their being is a turning-into-self, they are entropic.

4) ex-amplifications : they subsist by amplifying a voice that cannot be indexed down on a list or tableau, thus you cannot have one-to-one correspondence between examples and what they are examples of

5) of : they belong-to, they are placed tempo-rally (in a repetition that rallies with a tempo)

6) ex-pression : examples come into existence by belonging to you in a manner of hitting you in the head

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