erwin schrödinger 1950 space-time structure, page 4-5



Two out of ten words in this sentence are numbers. Moreover, the second one was greater than the first one. However, the first always comes before the second, and one is always equal to one. As a result, numbers do not matter, only letters do; Q.E.D.


In the Istanbul KCK* trials, ‘Quantum’, ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Evolution Theory’ courses given in BDP* Politics Academy have been added to the criminal charges by the prosecutors. In the Van KCK trial, voluntary physics teacher Meral Güngör’s courses where she taught quantum physics have been depicted as “organizational activity”*.

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Dr. Lawrence Angelo works for Virtual Space Industries, running experiments in increasing the intelligence of chimpanzees using drugs and virtual reality. One of the chimps escapes using the warfare tactics he was being trained for. Dr. Angelo is generally a pacifist, who would rather explore the intelligence-enhancing potential of his research without applying it for military purposes.

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From French académie, from Latin acadēmīa, from Ancient Greek Ἀκαδημία (Akadēmia), a grove of trees and gymnasium outside of Athens where Plato taught; from the name of the supposed former owner of that estate, the Attic hero Akademos. Compare academe, academia, Akademeia.


(a resignation of a phd student)
Very quickly after your initiation in the academic world, you learn that being “too honest” about your work is a bad thing and that stating your research’s shortcomings “too openly” is a big faux pas. Instead, you are taught to “sell” your work, to worry about your “image”, and to be strategic in your vocabulary and where you use it. Preference is given to good presentation over good content

An Aspiring Scientist’s Frustration with Modern-Day Academia: A Resignation

(zizek as analysand, on sessions with miller:)
It was my strict rule, my sole ethical principle, to lie consistently: to invent all symptoms , fabricate all dreams. It was obsessional neurosis in its absolute purest form. Because you never knew how long it would last, I was always prepared for at least two sessions. I have this incredible fear of what I might discover if I really went into analysis. What if I lost my frenetic theoretical desire? What if I turned into a common person?

does not this resigning PhD student practically say that all academia is striving to be obsessives like zizek, finally to become good hegelians focusing on conceptual “form” instead of “content”?