Thus declared to public.

turkish newspaper that interviewed noam chomsky admitted that part of the interview was fabricated

now tell me, is this a limit or a border


chomsky’s original version:

turkish newspaper’s “original” version with very odd english:… (begins under title “2, 4, 6, 9, 11 and 14”. additional part begins from “The whole world is focused on Egypt.”)

this was later removed from the newspaper’s website


look at what the newspaper declares, a quick translation:

(first the original text, then a second weird text supposedly received by a follow-up email correspondence)

Burcu Bulut, who made the interview, had only inserted the three sentences below according to the flow of topics. However, it is true that making insertions is not right.

(the three sentences)

As can be seen, there being no manipulations, it’s only that Noam Chomsky does not remember the answers and the e-mail he has sent. As for those who attack Yeni Şafak by ideological reasons completely disregarding the right of reply from the other party, we are not surprised a bit since we already know their intentions. Moreover, our young and hardworking friend Burcu Bulut has been the target of a smearing and lynch campaign she has never deserved.

It is additionally tragical for some journalists and media institutions having smeary journalism records to talk about press freedom not even waiting for the reply of the other party. The stance of Yeni Şafak newspaper is clear since the day it was founded. There is nothing acceptable in the attacks in the name of journalistic ethics, by those who do not tolerate different voices in their media organs as opposed to Yeni Şafak, which has shown that it is democrat by opening itself to different voices in the most critical times.

Thus declared to public.


“there being no manipulations, it’s only that Noam Chomsky does not remember the answers”

they are assuming basic freudian knowledge in their readers, in addition to prerequisite prejudices about western intellectuals.

this is a government-supporting newspaper with 114 thousand readers


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