We The Suture!

istanbul police wrote a poem for college students. here’s a translation:

You The Future!

How would you know!
That those who say they are the only light in the darkness;
Are really the black veil covering the light…
How would you know!
That when you enter the door that they show you as liberation;
They will make your brothers into enemies,
Friends you played games with,
Among whom you were born and grown up…
How would you know!
That they want to paint this country where you found an opportunity
to live humanly in blood…
Give your hand
Istanbul Security…

reminds the ‘military-poetic complex’:
but this one is less about ‘enjoying’ and more about ‘knowing’.

so how would a college student know what is ‘really’ the case? not from their professors obviously. not from their family. not from tv or newspapers… facebook, maybe.

or from those who have the guns, who have the uniforms? those who carry the symbolic mandates, jackets or gowns, posts or pounds. those on the switchboard of the legacy circuitry?

or from those on the right, on the left, rights left over, reich’s leftover…


i think there’s truth in (1) the recognition and call to “Future!” by its name and (2) the question “How would you know!”.

“Future!” means: gotten rid of all expectations, we are fully hopeful

“How would you know!” means: we still put you people(=hope) inside a fantasy frame so that we stay outside it as sacrificers. this sacrifice is signified by the “would” which separates the students placed in the present time (“you”) from policemen placed as an entrance to the knowledge of the future.

as a result, “you are future” is extracted as “you are separated from future” (=would) and “your entrance into knowing about future is istanbul security”.

corrected version can be:

We The Suture!
How shall we know!



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