neologism against neoliberalism

“And”, cried Hirsch-Hyacinth, “he treated me quite famillionairely”.

It is at this point that Freud pauses and goes on to ask very acutely: What is this? A neologism? A slip of the tongue? A witticism? It is certainly a witticism, but the fact that I could ask the other two questions already introduces us into an ambiguity, into the signifier, into the unconscious … and in fact what is Freud going to tell us? We recognize in it the mechanism of condensation materialized in the material of the signifier, a sort of collision, with the help of some machine or other, between two lines of the signifying chain: “Solomon Rothschild treated me quite familiarly” (familiär), and then beneath it – Freud too constructs a signifying schema – there is “millionaire (Millionär)”, and thus there is ar in both, and also mil. They are condensed, and in the interval there appears “famillionaire” (famillonär).

Lacan’s Seminar 5: The Formations of The Unconscious, page 12


neologism against neoliberalism


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