Inhabitants of Kadıköy, being attacked for going out to street to speak their brotherhood to a young one dead; beautiful people turning good old Bars’ Street into Barricades’ Street; masked young women collecting garbage scattered to street after policemen leave; auntie saying “Build a barricade dear, build a barricade”; taxi drivers becoming angry with TOMA* that was painted in yellow; stray dogs fleeing from police bombs along with resistors; neighbor that recommends heavy lifters of barricade to “break their knees”; considerate citizens that stroll around streets to pick up injured cats; shop windows broken by pressurized water from TOMA; beautiful ferries rallying at all times when they go, when they come; mosquitoes swarming in houses to flee poison thrown; uncle answering resistor’s shout “Open doors” by saying “All is open”; and all Kadıköy people that open their doors to owners of streets, god bless you…

*TOMA = Toplumsal Olaylara Müdahale Aracı = Vehicle to Intervene in Social Events


from turkish article by çağdaş günerbüyük in evrensel:





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