The theory of the extremes: The one extreme and the other extreme (via Altair Proxima)


does it simply mean ‘die or accept fascism’? and how does fascism work? i wonder how can we make christian fascists and islamic fascists into a single common enemy? how can we make them join up in the imaginary, besides being evil/cruel/etc? zizek says:

What is crucial in such cases is to avoid the fascination of evil that propels us to elevate torturers into demonic transgressors who have the strength to overcome our petty moral considerations and act freely. Torturers are not beyond good and evil, they are beneath it. They do not heroically transgress our shared ethical rules, they simply lack them.

so how can we reveal their common pathological ‘beneathness’ that is not simply evilness or demonism?

***(no, the extremes are left and right)***

oh i see, but then does 卐 own the whole knife, or does it only belong to its handle, or is it somehow seperated from the knife, because the real knife is the neoliberal capitalism, so 卐 is not using the knife, but is somehow ‘used by the knife’ at the same time… anyway… when the space is physical as in this image, then 卐 seems to have the upper hand. but if we could put this scene onto an ethical space where ‘people’ can appear, in that case 卐 would clearly and visibly be ‘beneath’ the people.


for example, imagine facebook or twitter publishing statistical reports revealing the ethical ‘beneathness’ of fascist users


here are two examples from a proAKP fascist facebook group:
– when police killed a.atakan, officials claimed that he fell from a roof, and some fascist draw its comic as a protester throwing a.atakan down the roof, and as you can see several people ‘liked’ ‘shared’ ‘commented on’ this here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=164575553738259&set=a.137293683133113.1073741824.137276303134851&type=1&relevant_count=1
– here’s a photo showing police violence and people that ‘liked’ ‘shared’ ‘commented on’ it: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=164185777110570&set=a.137293683133113.1073741824.137276303134851&type=1&relevant_count=1


here’s a question: what happens when a fascist falls in love? what would be the results, depending on various possible conditions of such an encounter?


so does antifascism as its main goal involve removal of an object-cause, or creation of one, or removal/creation of many object-causes etc? (because object-cause is maybe something like a “cursor” of symbolic that writes things, or leave traces)


in our case it appears that fascists are in love with tayyip erdoğan somehow, there’s an object-cause, somehow related to “nation”, islam, western oppression, economic success etc


what makes a fascist may be a “want for revenge”. fascism gives an explanation for capitalist “inequality”. it is maybe a “conversion”. or to be precise, a “passage a l’acte”. but to be honest, i haven’t a clue… as you said, the key should not be between fa/antifa but capitalism/communism


ok now i found my answer: what can replace fascism is simply comradeship, the propagation of comradeship. but since i don’t know the necessary form of comradeship, i remain clueless. i can only say it should be in wave form, a resonance phenomenon, like schrödinger told. not based on particles, units, energy-parcels. the question is, what shall be the medium of the necessary communist comradeship?

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