traverse — resonate

To “traverse the fantasy” therefore paradoxically means fully identifying oneself with the fantasy—namely with the fantasy which structures the excess resisting our immersion into daily reality (In Defense of Lost Causes, p. 329)

so, psychoanalysis is about fully identifying with resistance and it’s also about overcoming it.

so, is resistance something that overcomes itself when been identified with?

i think
— this “identifying” corresponds to “resonating” in physics (see schrödinger’s “are there quantum jumps”)
— the symbolic is like sound waves in the air.
— real as a hole in symbolic, is a possibility of resonation in such an air of waves.
— fantasy is that which can resonate through such a hole of real, it is implicit (in-itself) in the symbolic air.
— traversal is what happens to this air, after a fantasy has been resonated with, and became explicit (for-itself)


by “resonation” i mean what zizek/lacan calls where “two lacks meet”. in this way, it’s less like hitting on a drum by a stick, and more like blowing breath to a flute. to put it in general, there are drums and there are flutes, but the flutes determine the resonance in the last instance.

in conversations, drum is like cursing and interrogating, flute is like joking and questioning. also: drums are boolean because they’re either hit or not. flutes are not boolean, they are accumulations that are yet to be formulated.

(the firm base of an utterance comes from it’s position of enunciation. a sentence is different in a journal article or in a facebook comment. social media is deconstruction embodied.)

this is from schrödinger’s “are there quantum jumps”:



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