In the Istanbul KCK* trials, ‘Quantum’, ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Evolution Theory’ courses given in BDP* Politics Academy have been added to the criminal charges by the prosecutors. In the Van KCK trial, voluntary physics teacher Meral Güngör’s courses where she taught quantum physics have been depicted as “organizational activity”*.


During Van KCK trial, in the criminal charges where all activities of the accused have been said to have been done in behalf of “organization”, courses of Meral Güngör where she taught quantum physics have also been depicted as “organizational activity”. She is one of Van Municipality’s educators in the Education Supporthouse.

The criminal charges claimed that Politics Academy, appearing to work in direction with BDP’s political tasks, in reality was supplying ideological education for KCK instead, teaching KCK philosophy to the participants. According to statements of hidden wittnesses, Meral Güngör, one of the voluntary educators in Politics Academy and Education Supporthouse, was claimed to give “organizational” educations. Being a physics graduate, Güngör, in her defence which she made in Zaza* language, said she was voluntarily giving quantum physics courses in the academy. Stating that there is no concrete grounds to accuse her courses about quantum to be “organizational activity”, Güngör said “I am a physics graduate. And quantum is a topic of physics courses. Naturally it is unlawfulness to depict quantum courses that i have given as organizational activities. Then tell me, are faculty members giving quantum courses in universities also guilty?”.


Murat Timur, president of Van Bar Association, told that it was an abstract accusation to describe Güngör’s lessons in academy as “organizational activity”. Timur said “Politics academies of CHP*, BDP and AKP* have been founded after 2006. The recommendation to found such politics academies was made by Sayın* Öcalan*. In a short time it was reflected to all of the political parties. But only BDP’s politics academies encountered investigations.”


In the Istanbul KCK trials, courses like ‘Quantum’, ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Evolution Theory’ given in BDP Politics Academy had been added to the criminal charges by the prosecutors, but their audio surveillance documents in the criminal charges were not read in the trial, because chief judge did not want them read. The 50 pages consisting of philosophical theories were skipped by Ali Alçık, Chief Judge of Istanbul 15th Heavy Penalty Court, by saying “These parts are too heavy” and he stopped early the hearing in 17 December 2012.

* Notes:

KCK is an organization of Kurdish movement in Turkey:

Istanbul is a city to the west of Turkey, Van is a city to the east of Turkey, a city in Kurdistan.

BDP is Kurdish movement’s legal party in Turkey:

AKP and CHP are the establishment parties, two sides of the same coin.

“organizational activity” is a prosecutor term that refers to organized terrorist activity.

Zaza is a language close to Kurdish language, mainly spoken by people from Kurdistan.

“Sayın” is a word of official respect like “Mr”. It is significant and untranslatable.

Abdullah Öcalan is the founder and leader of PKK:

During his time in prison, Abdullah Öcalan read science books among other books, and wrote his own interpretation of quantum theory among other topics.

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