zizek’s counting

zizek has a different way of counting things: he counts them as instances-without-classes

this is also how social media works: through instances-without-classes

if we can agree on these, maybe we can also agree on the mathematical formulation of this way of counting:

Click to access 1310.0509v4.pdf

cumulative occurence distribution = birikimsel oluş taksimi


look carefully into any anti-zizek discourse

you’ll see that it is equal to its own cynicist existence


zizek’s knowledge consists of common complexes. in each situation, zizek induces a “most relevant” chain of discourse from these complexes.

each chain starts from the periphery, collecting common instances, and then goes towards the heart of the question in a roundabout way.

this is a movement both (1) to produce the current chain, (2) to “update” the knowledge of complexes

if such a discourse is “unacceptable”, the listener will replace the “you” in the discourse with “zizek” and make it into an anti-zizek discourse.

anti-zizek discourses that resonate stronger with the listeners’ superego will be more likely to insist.

as a result, anti-zizek discourses make up a statistical index for a society.

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