acquainted parapraxis

In regard to the first question – as to what is the origin of the thoughts and impulses which find expression in parapraxes – we can say that in a number of cases it is easy to show that the disturbing thoughts are derived from suppressed impulses in mental life. In healthy people, egoistic, jealous and hostile feelings and impulsions, on which the pressure of moral education weighs heavily, make frequent use of the pathway provided by parapraxes in order to find some expression for their strength, which undeniably exists but is not recognized by higher mental agencies. Acquiescence in these parapraxes and chance actions is to a large extent equivalent to a compliant tolerance of the immoral. Among these suppressed impulses no small part is played by the various sexual currents.

Sigmund Freud 1901 The Psychopathology of Everyday Life


note the word “tolerance” and its equivalency to “acquiescence in parapraxes”. however, can a parapraxis that you are acquainted with still remain “parapraxis”? or does it become a protocol, criteria for… god knows what… beauty? creativity? coolness?… just put here any word that goes well with “acquainted parapraxes”.


technical problem as acquainted parapraxis, an example.

from air france’s reply to jay shah:
“due to the discovery of a severe technical issues with the aircraft”

open letter by jay shah:

the story:


technical error as acquainted parapraxis, another example.


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