ideology in its truly purest – 2

After its first run of more than three months, operating a mile underground in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a new experiment named LUX has proven itself the most sensitive dark matter detector in the world.

“LUX is blazing the path to illuminate the nature of dark matter,” says Brown University physicist Rick Gaitskell, co-spokesperson for LUX with physicist Dan McKinsey of Yale University. LUX stands for Large Underground Xenon experiment.

Dark matter, so far observed only by its gravitational effects on galaxies and clusters of galaxies, is the predominant form of matter in the universe. Weakly interacting massive particles, or WIMPs – so-called because they rarely interact with ordinary matter except through gravity – are the leading theoretical candidates for dark matter. The mass of WIMPs is unknown, but theories and results from other experiments suggest a number of possibilities.


Objective violence is invisible since it sustains the very zero-level standard against which we perceive something as being subjective violence. Systemic violence is thus something like the notorious ‘dark matter’ of physics, the counterpart to an all-too-visible subjective violence. It may be invisible, but it has to be taken into account if one is to make sense of what otherwise seem to be ‘irrational’ explosions of subjective violence.

from Slavoj Zizek’s introduction to Sophie Wahnich’s “In Defense of The Terror”


self-analysis of science has began on twitter:

other stories on the webpage are also relevant to the self-analysis of science for instance:

i now consider studying this text…/transgress_v2_singlefile.html “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity” Alan D. Sokal

facebook’s unbelievable arrogance and the likes cannot be excepted by supposing a “scientific objectivity” of traditional academy. such an arrogance can only be dealt with by developing a new & forceful scientific subjectivity by invoking self-analysis of scientific institutions through the internet and any other means.


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