teacher’s day

this is something difficult to explain but i’ll try.

1) 24 novermber is “teacher’s day” as established by the turkish republic (founded after the example of french republic -and other western republics-, in place of ottoman empire) and its founder kemal atatürk(“father-turk”) also called a “master-teacher”.

2) some of gezi resistance consists of kemalists, mostly younger generation of public or related sector families

3) pm erdoğan’s government represents ottomanist ideology although integrated with global capitalism through its own islamist bourgeoisie

4) on 23 november, (relatively kemalist part of) gezi resistors celebrated 24 november teacher’s day (also protesting capital-islamist erdoğan government)

5) erdoğan’s police applied excessive violence to all the teachers, causing serious physical injuries to teachers, and causing an outrage online and offline

6) next day, a police department put this message, and it must be intentional:

we celebrate the teachers’ day of all our teachers.
we are your creation.
-bakırköy district police department

my question:
what kind of violence is this?



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