determinate nothing

There is a wonderfully dialectical joke in Ernst Lubitsch’s classic comedy Ninotchka: the hero visits a cafeteria and orders coffee without cream; the waiter replies: “I’m sorry, sir, we have no cream. Can it be without milk?” In both cases, the customer gets coffee alone, but this single coffee is each time accompanied by a different negation, first coffee-with-no-cream, then coffee-with-no-milk. (Slavoj Zizek) (not funny, huh?)

examples of *being* determined by *nothing*:

–what?(is with you) –nothing..(i’m just fine)

–what?(do you say) –nothing..(i just wanna talk)

–what?(do you do) –nothing..(i just am)


capitalism is the order where *being*, unable to recognize *becoming*, is determined by *nothing*.

media as *determinate nothing* is the logical result of capitalism.



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