proceed and succeed

That the former can only proceed and that the latter can only succeed can, however, still be looked at in another way. It is natural to the negating force that it represses the being. Once a negating force is posited, it can effect nothing else but the closure of the being. But the negating force is fully alien to the affirming principle in itself. And yet the affirming principle actually has being as that which has being only by repressing the negating force in itself. Furthermore, it would, with regard to itself, never come forth and therefore never elevate to act if the negation of the being had not proceeded. In that it has being, it certainly has it from itself. But that it again has being, that it laboriously proves itself and reveals itself as having being, has its ground in the negating potency. If there were not the No, then the Yes would be without force. No ”I” without the “not-I” and in as much as the “not-I” is before the “I.” That which has being, precisely because it has being from itself, has no ground to desire that it be. But to be negated conflicts with its nature. Therefore, in that it is at all negated, it follows that, excepting that in which it is negated, it is in itself unnegated and in its own purity.

The primordial antithesis is given with these two potencies. Yet the antithesis is not such that it is based on a completely reciprocal exclusion, but only as such that it is based on an opposed relationship, on, so to speak, an inverted position of those first life forces. What in the proceeding potency was the exterior, contracting, and negating, is itself, in the successive potency, the inner, contracted, and self-negated. And conversely, what was there inhibited is what is here free. They are infinitely far from each other and infinitely near. Far, because what is affirmed and manifest in one of them is posited in the other as negated and in the dark. Near, because it only requires an inversion, a turning out of what was concealed and a turning into what is manifest, in order to transpose and, so to speak, transform, the one into the other.

Hence, we already see here the structure for a future, inner unity in which each potency comes out for itself. Hence, the day lies concealed in the night, albeit overwhelmed by the night; likewise the night in the day, albeit kept down by the day, although it can establish itself as soon as the repressive potency disappears. Hence, good lies concealed in evil, albeit made unrecognizable by evil; likewise evil in good, albeit mastered by the good and brought to inactivity.

F.W.J. Schelling 1815 The Ages of the World, page 18

Daniel Thomas
Being, Non-Being [Negation of Being], Becoming [Negation of Non-Being] being?

Is there a bad infinity here, or not?

Is a bad infinity unbecoming?


hmm, don’t know but suppose it should be behind the curtain of phenomena, did you look there?

or ask hegel, he might have put it somewhere..

Daniel Thomas
There’s this joke I heard once,a young jewish true believer who’d joined the party out of conviction, but there was one thing still puzzling him that he could not understand…


So he asked his rabbi to explain it to him, being too embarrassed to dare ask his comrades and be seen as ignorant.

So, the rabbi told him it would rain tommorow and asked him if he would carry an umbrella?

The man responded yes.

Then the rabbi said that it would be windy tommorow and the umbrella might break and asked the man if he would still carry the umbrella, the man paused for a moment and responded no.

‘But then you will catch a cold, tommorow is a storm’, said the rabbi, ‘what is the point of having an umbrella if you are not going to use it’?

The young man, almost in tears said ‘If it breaks I can not afford a new one’.

The rabbi sat down on a nearby treestump and sighed. looking at the ground he gloomily stated.

‘You should have bought a raincoat…”

The two sat around gloomily for what may have just been a few minutes, but felt like hours of silence, the young man cupping his head in his hands

Sinking deeper
and deeper
and deeper into depression..


Suddenly the young man leaped up and exclaimed. “Tommorow I will just stay inside’ and starts running off home

The rabbi left there still sitting on his tree stump yells after his fleeing figure.

“Why did you buy that umbrella?”

Funny, yes comrade? You laughed yes? >^.^^.^<

*cough cough hint hint* but despite the deliberation, is it spontaneous?

I duno, I'm getting a bit full of myself at this point I should probably caution[1] that IIRC Zizek has warned that Hegel was wrong, but wrong in a way that has to be repeated to get anywhere, which suggests that when Zizek claimed that the flaws of actually existing socialism can't just be attributed to Bolshevik etc and other "heretics" but must be traced back to Marx… Given Zizek's warning though, that flaw is already right there Hegel's work?

Maybe the mystic bad infinities Taoist yin/yan, Buddhist form in emptiness emptiness in form, schelling above, etc etc so on so forth are…. lack this constituent flaw?

Although this above notion does feel rather rash[2], given that Descarte's (who Lacan recommended in his earlier seminars as a pioneer of optics IIRC) philosophy suggested one of the big splits, the mind body gap, that Jung tried to bridge with the transcendental function…

[1]Hint hint nudge nudge
[2]Cough nudge hint cough

ps. One thing about hegel's logic is that you don't need another to engage in the dialectic with you, you can just keep powering on like the energizer bunny having a notion that you know something, then doubting to find a new notion that negates it ad infinitum, this process itself being absolute knowing… Which makes absolute knowing kinda mundane, but then it is a non-transcendant absolute…

But the energizer bunny aspect — y'know hitting one side of the drum then the other while walking foward in sync step to the back and forth — of hegel's dialectics on your very ownsome sure helps Zizek write a lot of books


nice story but you know, the turkish authorities are working on some censorship/surveillance measures these days, and i am having problems loading facebook.. by using wireshark i detected that packets were being dropped.. i read you alright but i hope i did not drop any packets so this is also an issue: what is absolute knowing under missing information? or can one (or how does one) miss information with respect to absolute knowing?

by the way, your young man might be a hegelian this is from indivisible remainder:

Hegelian Idea can comprehend only the ideal necessity of a thing, what a thing is, the thing in its conceptual determination, in its notional possibility; what is out of its reach is the contingent fact that something exists at all, a fact which depends on a free act of creation.

story is funny but also sad, when capitalism is the storm, and one does not know why one has one's umbrella..

Daniel Thomas
' Işık Barış Fidaner nice story but you know, the turkish authorities are working on some censorship/surveillance measures these days, and i am having problems loading facebook.. by using wireshark i detected that packets were being dropped.. i read you alright but i hope i did not drop any packets so this is also an issue: what is absolute knowing under missing information? or can one (or how does one) miss information with respect to absolute knowing?'


That packets are being dropped is actually a good sign as far as the fascist menace of censorship is concerned, as it suggests that any possible interception of your communication is being done through packet sniffing, not a proxy.

If it were a proxy it would be located network wise closer to you than the facebook servers and therefore less packets would be lost.

A proxy can be used to censor and alter webpages, but this would in all probability be impractical with a packet sniffer.

Furthermore although the low level IP protocol is lossy, TCP which you http web connections run over is not

^because deep magic

Therefore, there will be no loss of information on that front, only slowdowns. In fact knowing that there is packet loss is an additional piece of information not a loss of information.

There are anonymising peer to peer services such as tor and i2p, but I cannot recommend them as states with well funded intelligence services have compromised them through the known vulnrability of running the majority of the nodes, they will raise your profile significantly, and I do not know how much the intelligence services for these powers share with your local regime. It is however an option, but one you will have to consider based on your local conditions and the knowledge of your local comrades given youse will be in a better position to know.

VPN's may be an option

They are used to great effect by chinese people to circumvent censorship.

I most strongly recommend accessing any websites that support it, through an encryped connection. Most webmail providers, facebook, wikipedia, search engines provide this facility.

You can do this by prepending 'https://&#039; to the link used to access the site.

^Like this

This encryption is not secure as such, but if enough people use it breaking it and censoring through a proxy and surveillance of specifics beyond what websites are accessed becomes less practical due to the computational power required to do so

Keep in mind surveillance is a given and operates as a panopticon to alter your behavior.

Only you can judge the risks verses benefits of speaking openly vs being guarded for yourself, nobody else has the right to demand your silence or voicem because it is your feet on the ground and your arse on the line.

Finally if the shit hits the fan the internet may be cut off but phone lines will still operate so the internet will still be accessible through dial-up modems on foreign numbers, (and also satelite and ham radio connections) comrades will attempt set up dial-up banks and fax these numbers in to as many fax machines as possible as they have done in other countries where this has occured, but resources are limited. Also bandwidth will be slow so you will need to turn off image loading to get acceptable performance.

I will ask around and see whether there are any phone banks in permanent operation, but do your own research also as I have been hermitting in theory land and can not gurrantee quick results in my enquiries, so do your own research and if possible test these connections before the shit hits the fan….

These numbers will be spread as far as possible on social media, but this will not directly help you, so keep in contact with out of country friends who can keep you updated over the phone.

If phonelines get cut off, the only connections that will work are satellite phones modems, and ham radios

Dialup modem hardware is obselete and hard to aquire nowdays, but dialup can still be achieved by software you can use to acoustically couple your speakers and microphone to a phone, basically you put the speaker at the mouthpiece the microphone at the earpiece and run the software modem.

Forgive me for interupting our theoretical discussion, I promise I will return to the backlog here and in other threads, but theory is immaterial, whereas this matter is urgent

Please request any clarifications or explanations you need. In fact don't hesitate to ask any questions

Yours in solidarity,


dear comrade i salute you on behalf of general intellect the situation may be catastrophic but it's not serious (there is political confusion and they won't cut it, they need to use it too. the error has gone, it looks like a temporary error. moreover, we have comrades in hackerspace and alternative informatics association and other places that can help). although the catastrophy that we call capitalism remains. my hopes is that we learn to use present tools at hand with better synchronicity, and my other hope is that we develop a protocol out of it (what is a sequence number anyway) but always theory comes first, so the question that indivisibly remains: what is general intellect? maybe time for some marx readings


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