a TV show on Kurds defending Kobanê against ISIS in Syria/Turkey border. i suggest you watch it to think further on “borders”:,AAAB8imK1fE~,6L5mJVTirXBcP5TUJdTAqGHiPfjbhsqi&bctid=3810320750001

although i know—we know–from freud that “suggestion” is only effective when symptom does not resist, and that is why we need psychoanalysis.

this was in fact the reason why freud invented psychoanalysis.


it’s freud’s own formulation of the limitations of hypnotic therapy that he were practicing with breuer before he developed the ‘verbal technique’, which lacan rather calls ‘technique of the signifier’.


this is also how you get to see the symptoms:

wherever a suggestion meets silence, hesitation, oversight or simply non-coincidence or obstruction for any possible reason, there you see the resistance of a symptom, and you know you have to remember it.

you have to remember it so that you will be able to call it by its name when its stakes become clear.

moreover, if you don’t remember it, your unconscious will remember it anyway and frustrate you. and this is why we are ghost hunting here now. we (or our unconscious) knows that there are symptoms that orient us behind our backs. they need to be named and become history so that we can move on.


newly assigned prime minister of turkey told he was “debating with gazali and hegel in his dreams”.

they now escape towards philosophy and psychoanalysis to sustain their double-talk.

so this is the place where we’ll need a good trap against political hypocrisy.


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