one gained is one gained


advertisements are when your TV sincerely expresses itself. billboards are where your city sincerely expresses itself. so they are the equivalent of full speech in media.

how about that?


addition: science designates the practice of translating full speech into different languages (hegel translates into hegelese, zizek translates one into another, a physicist translates into physics, a lawyer translates into laws, etc.). technical designates a language from which no further translation is possible. technical therefore designates the limit of science, i.e. science itself in its oppositional determination. so when advertisements or billboards are introduced as technical necessities, they are at the same time the limit of that which necessitates them (media), in the form of a full speech from which no further translation is—currently—possible.


addition: what the technical as the limit of science currently relies on is not a symbolic tautology (like “law is law”, “turks are turks”, “an atom is an atom” etc), but the tautology of a positive quantity: “one gained is one gained”


addition: under this limit, to be a free person is to know which one gained is one gained. this is the technical essence of choice. and science is organized by this technical essence reflected back onto itself: peer-review means those who can choose can choose those who can choose.


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