the anonymous one

an advertisement by definition addresses the big other, not as relying on it but as founding it, always arriving at its destination. in other words, an advertisement is that which addresses the anonymous one.


what i found most interesting:

in order to attract the “anonymous” spillers of placetime into webtime,
they have to hire from the other placetime an army of “anonymous” webtime cleaners.

first being the anonymous ones,
second being anonymous ones from the other, (or the nameless ones)

this is not buying at one place to sell at another place,
both buying and selling occurs at the other place, canceling one another, to keep here free.

nameless other comes to be the substance of the anonymity of the one, the one and only possible subject.


(she does her kantian duty to maintain big other, against his hysteria)

i agree that it’s a duty. but my point is that she is not simply maintaining it, but founding it… it is rather he who tries to maintain the big other by pleading “you can’t stand me!” whereas she acts and actively founds the big other based on the desire of the other, revealing its inconsistency… (however i have to accept that i don’t know what “[in]consistency” means, especially to zizek. that will need some research)


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