flawless maximum entropy analysis of the world-system by immanuel wallerstein, as quoted by christian fuchs in his article on slavoj zizek:

History is on nobody’s side. We all may misjudge how we should act. Since the outcome is inherently, and not extrinsically, unpredictable, we have at best a 50–50 chance of getting the kind of world-system we prefer. But 50–50 is a lot, not a little.

Wallerstein et al. 2013 Does Capitalism Have A Future?



i found wallerstein’s ideas very useful, i feel that they really increased the likelihoods of my overthrowing of some capitalism ~~~ as christian fuchs say apropos absolute recoil:



cool analysis. he does not call it “coin toss”, but “bifurcation”, in essence “choice”.

it is nevertheless a tautology: bifurcation is now = choice is now = now is choice = choice is choice = bifurcation is bifurcation = now is now

your now is your now, my now is my now. your now might be a choice or bifurcation. my now is not. my now speaks.


ilya the chemist… just now have i realized this reference, looks very interesting. let’s see what they mean when they say bifurcation


here’s raoul vaneigem’s way of saying “coin toss or bifurcation that is in essence choice”

To adapt to the world is a game of heads-you-win, tails-I-lose in which one decides a priori that the negative is positive and that the impossibility of living is an essential precondition of life. Alienation never takes such firm root as when it passes itself off as an inalienable good. Transformed into positivity, the consciousness of isolation is none other than the private consciousness, that scrap of individualism which people drag around like their most sacred birthright, unprofitable but cherished. It is a sort of pleasure-anxiety which prevents us both from settling down in the community of illusion and from remaining trapped in the cellar of isolation.

Raoul Vaneigem 1963-1965 The Revolution of Everyday Life


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