May I be allowed to express a hope that the analogy between this state of affairs in physical science and a marked trend of our epoch will become closer as time goes on? for the ultimate goal which I have in mind at the moment is certainly not yet reached.

To establish the necessary order and lawfulness in the human community, with the least possible interference in the private affairs of the individual, seems to me to be the aim of a highly developing culture. For this purpose the statistical method as used by the physicist appears very appropriate. In the case of the human community it would mean the study of the average mind and the average human gifts, taking into account their range of variation, and from this to infer what are the motives that must be put before human beings to appeal to their desires so as to secure a social order that is at least bearable in all its essential features.

Erwin Schrödinger 1935 Science and The Human Temperament


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