my question is: can a scientist be a stakeholder as a scientist?

in other words: can the stakes of one’s science be “held” by oneself?

if yes, how?

if no, then does this not mean that multistakeholderism automatically excludes scientific activity?

thank you,


“Multistakeholder-ism is like a necklace of pearls. If some pearls are missing then the necklace is incomplete. And if the pearls are sitting pretty next to each other happily then it gives a different look and feel.

Coming to your question, a scientist can be a stakeholder in any scientific activity that she/he is having a direct or perceived stake. And your stake can be held by you only. Stake is a dynamic concept so your salience might be changing with time.”


thank you for the response; helpful to clarify my problem:

“your stake can be held by you only”

this is not valid for science. stakes of one’s science cannot be held by oneself only. the whole point of science is for its stakes to transcend and outlive its creator, the scientist.

if the stakes of something can be held by its creator only, if the stakes cannot transcend and outlive the creator, therefore that something cannot be science, and the creator cannot be a scientist in this creation.

this means: (1) a scientist cannot be a stakeholder as a scientist. (2) multistakeholderism automatically excludes science.


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