GCAS Democracy Rising Conference Update


After receiving several hundred submissions, nearly all of which were outstanding, we wanted to provide everyone with a brief update on the conference, Democracy Rising.

Designed by, Stavroula Drakopoulou Designed by, Stavroula Drakopoulou


The Global Center for Advanced Studies

Announces Our First World Conference

“Democracy Rising”

Date: July 16-19, 2015, Athens, Greece

Conference Greetings by:Alain Badiou (GCAS President)Gabriel Sakellaridis (Central Spokesperson of the Greek Government) Aristides Baltas (Greek Minister of Education)  

Plenary Speakers: Tariq AliMaria AristodemouBruno BosteelsJodi DeanCostas DouzinasStathis KouvelakisPaul MasonMaria NikolakakiLeo Panitch

Featured Speakers: Athena AthanasiouPeter BratsisAlex CallinicosAris ChatzistefanouCreston Davis, Paolo GerbaudoStathis GourgourisSigrid HackenbergSrecko HorvatAzfar Hussain, Athina Karatzogianni, Kostis KarpozilosTheodore KoulourisClaudia Landolfi,  Spyros Marketos, Sandro Mezzadra, John Milios

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