The card-carrying human kindness seeker

In Boston, there’s a famous flow of people called the Orange line. It comes from Forest Hills and it’s well-known among white people for its black people.
_ _ _ At where’s called a State, some part of this flow splits to join another flow called the Blue line that is headed for Wonderland. Said that, it’s probably a minority of people on the Blue line that actually reaches Wonderland.
_ _ _ In fact, it’s also likely a minority of the Orange line people that actually comes from Forest Hills. It’s reasonable to say that it’s a much smaller minority that does both. So neither origins nor destinations can be held as representative of these flows.
_ _ _ But something can be found at the State where they intersect. What or who? The reason to write this post, namely, the card-carrying human kindness seeker.

So who is the card-carrying human kindness seeker? It’s a young man that may be still standing at the State, carrying a card that says “SEEKING HUMAN KINDNESS”.
_ _ _ Besides the card, he is carrying a plastic glass that seems to be empty. He is probably still carrying the card and the empty plastic glass.
_ _ _ He is likely a student, even if he is not one still, because people are not born as human kindness seekers, they are taught to do that.
_ _ _ It is also likely that his plastic glass is empty, even if it is not still empty, because ~seeking~ identifies with a State of emptiness, or maybe it’s the other way around, I cannot be sure.

And what about the audience of the card-carrying human kindness seeker?
_ _ _ Most of them did not come from Forest Hills and most of them will not reach Wonderland. Still less of them do both. It’s simple multiplication.
_ _ _ It can be a bit confusing when multiplications are reductive. But that’s how we perceive the passing time. That’s also how the card-carrying human kindness seeker perceives the passing time. People come and go. Reductions multiply.
_ _ _ But what is being reduced? What is there being multiply reduced? The flow.

But what is a flow to be reduced? The flow itself is a reduction of other flows.
_ _ _ At each intersection, some flow cuts another flow. When such an intersection subsists, it’s called a State.
_ _ _ These intersecting flows are occasionally called nature. But it’s the humankind that calls them nature. It’s the humankindness that calls them nature.
_ _ _ It’s the humankindness that is seeking itself in these flows, that calls them nature.
_ _ _ These flows, a so-called nature, a second nature.

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