One of the strange things

Now we are at the entrance to heaven, at the pearly gates where Saint Peter is welcoming the newcomers. It is a long, seemingly interminable, job. One day Jesus appears and tells Peter that he can have a rest, that he will stand in for him, so Peter goes inside and Jesus stands there in the swirling mist at the gates. Shortly afterwards an old man comes towards him, towards the gates of heaven, and appeals to Jesus, saying “I am looking for my son.” “Well”, says Jesus, “a lot of people pass through here, but tell me about him and we will see what we can do.” “Ok”, says the old man, “One of the strange things about my son is that he was not born as other men were born, of a woman and a man.” “That is unusual”, says Jesus, a little surprised. “And there is another thing”, says the old man; “He has a hole in each of wrists here and here, and holes there and there in his ankles.”Jesus leans forward to see the man better, and peering through the mist says “Father?” The old man moves closer, gazing more intently, and says “Pinocchio?”

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