(At The Curved Spacature)

Alex Sascha:

Wrote this up yesterday…

The universe comes to us predefined. Therefore, it is foolish for philosophers and intellectuals to talk so much about creating definitions. Definitions are discovered, not created.

This opens up the question of how language functions. The key term here is ‘manifestation’. Definitions are ineffable until language which can reflect then are manifested. Language emerges (is manifest) via entropic forces. Language as such is therefore an imaginative process where one plays around with symbols until an appropriate one which accurately reflects reality is found.

The last issue I would like to address is consensus. Some might wonder, after reading this, how it can be that we painted the picture so extremely inaccurately for such a long time. The answer is that we are not born with fully developed linguistic abilities. Linguistic creatures must learn what given symbols can mean, as well as what others think they ought to mean. This happens pretty much automatically – studies show that infants automatically pick up linguistic patterns that they observe, though of course instruction can provide some catalytic assistance.

Işık Barış Fidaner:

I agree. Plus:
Manifestation of what?
Manifestation of intent.
Manifestation of whose intent?
Ours or theirs?
(I have no answer)
“We have an answer.”
“It is the manifestation of their intent.”
“It is our answer.”
What is the manifestation of their intent?
“It is our answer.”
Your answer is the manifestation of their intent?
“We answer that it is the manifestation of their intent.”
(I don’t understand)

~~~ Das Ich und Das Es und Die Wir und Die Sie ~~~

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