Digital transference: Energy and Entropy

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to write this post quickly and then go to the supermarket. What I will tell are the thoughts that emerged today on my way to the Boston Lacan Study Group (BSLG) meeting on Lacan’s 8th seminar book: Transference, class 12. There was no reason to bring these thoughts up during the meeting, for even without a big Other, we had other things to discuss, which is good.


Let me introduce you to my phone which is not really a phone because it is without a SIM card (without a micro-SIM card to be exact, since I have a SIM card that inhabits my other phone that is really a phone), but this is not the issue now. Continue reading “Digital transference: Energy and Entropy”

Counting Qualia — Işık Barış Fidaner

counting-qualia-kapakLast version: 7 September 2016

(67 pages — PDFLaTeX)


— Why N-1 in standard deviation?

— Conditional Counting of Qualia

— Qualia is uncertainty, uncertainty is conditional counting

— objet petit a = “less than zero” = “less than the empty set”

— Virtuality is what is left behind by conditional subtraction

— encapsulation is relativity

— relativity?

— I am white

— Postmodern Alienation Model

— Bibliography