I don’t care

— But take an instance we are being watched.

Slavoj Zizek: Yeah but, I don’t care– if you’re watched, you know what I mean? I– Here I preach arrogance. So what? Let the big Other watch me, maybe he will learn something and be less stupid, you know. This is not my problem, you know. Like, you know when we were those half-dissidents, no? And a guy, when we had some committee for human rights, blah blah, a guy–

— Or they change your behavior, being watched…

Slavoj Zizek: No, no, no nono, no no… You know, I learned through friends that some secret policemen were really mad at me because I told a horrible story then, it’s one of– I told them, and it’s true, you know I read a history of United States in 19th century where I was told that racism was so strong in the old south, anti-black racism, that when you have in New Orleans, before civil war, brothels, whorehouses, prostitution houses, the white customer was making love to a white prostitute and if a black guy entered the room, ringing rings whatever, they didn’t stop making love, it was like… They didn’t consider a black person entering, a human gaze which puts you to shame, it’s like a dog, a bird, you don’t care, you go on making love. And I told them, this was horrible what they did, the way they treated blacks there, but we should treat secret policemen… Secret policemen should be treated like black servants, you know. You don’t care. And this is where they feel most horrified, you know, when they learn that you don’t care.


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