AQUARIUM MANAGER (BACKGROUND: MACHINES BUZZING): “I’m [put the name of your “boss” here] All is fine here at [put the name of your working place here], I mean obviously the city has had a lot of problems and it’s been very hard for us to get into this building, but all the animals are fine, life support’s working great, and the building is is coming along just fine, so we are very positive, moving forward and we are not gonna have any issues, and we’ve got a FANTASTIC TEAM AND BLA BLA BLA BLA…” #PrayForTheSmokies

(Turkish translation)

They don’t even have the words to describe their situation. Who is “we”? What is a “problem”? What is an “issue”? What is coming along just fine? How are “we” “very positive”? What moving forward? What is the direction forward? North? South? East? West? Upward? Downward? #PreyForTheSmokies?


The context: 2016 Great Smoky Mountains wildfires


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