Sociotechnic Activities at Planet Trappist-1e

I haven’t written the book. It’s just the seed.


You are being sent to the human colony in TRAPPIST-1e to serve as a “sociotechical worker” which primarily involves the constant adjustment of the so-called action-signifiers that are being deployed in the space station for its variety of tasks.


There is a terrestrial legend, a myth about a life form, a neural leech that proliferates on TRAPPIST-1E. Earth folks sometimes associate inexplicable phenomena with this thing they call …?…

But your colleagues on the planet confidently deny its existence. There are adverse life forms but they are nothing like that, and the incidents on the Earth show neither correlation nor regularity, so it’s just that, a myth.

“The Earth folks have always been a bit too …?… anyways,” the professor explains. “Let’s go to the space farmer’s market and I’ll show you the actual life forms we have here.”


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