About me

So what do I do? This is a difficult question for several reasons. I would say “nothing” and walk away. But since I am supposed to be the host here on WordPress, let me count some things:

I was in a band who released an album and some other songs. I did some game development. I prepared an e-book that you could call digital game studies or philosophy. I am one of the admins of a philosophy group on social media. I am one of the founding members of an internet freedom association that frequently experiences organizational problems.

Yersiz Şeyler [Placeless Things] is my website where I usually translate short texts and occasionally compile them into e-books. The twentieth placeless book was published yesterday.

I studied Computer Engineering in BS & MS and completed my PhD thesis in the same department. We invented novel concepts for combinatorial statistics and applied them to literary text. We released an application for gene expression analysis that led to novel biological insights.

Işık Barış Fidaner



Game Dasein refers to the existence of the player as a subject within the game world.