The Fox and The Crow (2014)

Interactive adaptation of La Fontaine’s fable. English version ramified from the English translation by Michael Star. Turkish version ramified from the Turkish translation by Orhan Veli Kanık. Player can either be Fox or Crow. Prepared in Twine.

Play online (Turkish) | Get Twine files


Jasmine Revolution (2011)

A quick strategy game on the revolution in Tunisia. Browser-based, written in Javascript.

Download code


Viralfire (2010)

with Bertan Gundogdu, Cagatay Metin, Kubra Saygin, Orkun Kocaturk, Ugurcan Orcun, for Global Game Jam 2010 organized by IGDA Education SIG.

An iPhone game about a fireball virus trying to capture a human body. Coded using Quartz, Objective C.

Visit website | Read postmortem


The Final Solution (2009)

for Ludum Dare 48.

A minimalist game developed in 48 hours. Every time you start the game, it is about a different prisoner in gas chambers.

Download | Read postmortem


Itchy! (2009)

with Ugur Guney, for Global Game Jam 2009 organized by IGDA Education SIG.

A game about a bug fleeing from the creature it is walking on. Game map is automatically generated as a Voronoi diagram. Coded using SDL, C++.

Download | Visit website | Read postmortem | Read rant


Söylev Üreteci – Political Speech Generator (2007)

with Ugur Guney.


A tool that generates political speeches by making up paragraphs for given attitudes.

Download code


Paskalya Adasının Esrarı (1996)

with Caner Fidaner and Huray Fidaner.


Written in 1996 as a CYOA book, implemented in Twine in 2014 as an IF.

Play on web | Get Twine file

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