Data virüsü mü yoksa kız basili mi?



Kızlar sadece makyaj, kıyafet, atlar ve pembe şalları düşünür? Öyle mi?

Hiç de bile!

Kızlar en az oğlanlar kadar iyi ve hevesli data delileridir. Ve diğer herkes gibi, kızlar da yeni zorluklar isterler. Sınırları zorlamayı ve hatta ötesine geçmeyi.

Sizin için artık yeni Amiga 600 var (pazar öncüsü Commodore’dan).

Varolan en havalı oyunları ve simülatörleri onda oynayabilirsiniz.

Ama Amiga bundan çok daha fazlasıdır. Binlerce işlevi sayesinde böyledir. Mesela ev ödevinizi düpedüz maceraya çevirir.

4000 rengiyle, 16/32 bitiyle, çizim programları ve stereo sesiyle, yazabilir, hesaplayabilir ve önceden ancak hayal edebildiğiniz yollarla havalı resimler yaratabilirsiniz.

Amiga’yı 40Mb harddiskli ya da harddisksiz olarak alabilirsiniz (harddiskli versiyonda heyecan veren bir sürü program önceden yüklenmiştir).

Ve o kadar basittir ki onu herkes anlar. Oğlanlar bile.

AMIGA: Commodore’dan

Kendine ait bir sınıfta!

Türkçesi: Işık Barış Fidaner

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Topology as Tautology — IBF

Topology is the turning-into-itself of spatiality.

But the restrictions that topology articulates are not spatial restrictions.

Topology articulates combinatorial restrictions over spatiality.

In general topology indicates the restricted state of the spatial in face of the combinatorial. [*]

Topology, in this sense, is a ‘tautology’. [■]



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Our freedom to communicate as scientists is not a matter of convenience — Dr. Işık Barış Fidaner


18 Aralık 2016 Pazar günü saat 15:30’a doğru gönderilen altı e-postanın [*] beşincisi


No problem John Doe.

We are free to use any of our e-mail addresses or not.

We are free to use any of these mailing lists or not.

We are free to write any of our messages or not.

And we are free to include any of the recipients or not.

Our freedom to communicate as scientists is not a matter of convenience.


Dr. Işık Barış Fidaner
Postdoc Researcher
?????, CSL, NEU
Boston, MA, USA

I answer questions only, I don’t respond to requests.

Ideas don’t have deadlines.

Have you considered applying for a VNIS?



Sorun yok John Doe.

E-posta adreslerimizin her birini kullanıp kullanmamakta özgürüz.

Bu e-posta gruplarının her birini kullanıp kullanmamakta özgürüz.

Mesajlarımızın her birini yazıp yazmamakta özgürüz.


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The addressee

Their advertisement is addressed to the control group that shall enable them to conduct experiments to obtain a series of confirmations for the possible paternal metaphors that probably have been being proposed for the proper replacement of the Freudian superego.

In other words, they are looking for Einziger Zug, the unary trait, the single stroke.

“What are the signs of anxiety?”

An apology, a confession, a self-criticism.

“What is the likelihood?”

They are looking for a reality principle.

I wonder if they are social psychologists.


(Boston Red Line)


About my situation — Dr. Işık Barış Fidaner

January 14th 2017, Somerville Public Library (Turkish)

This morning, I wrote this short text About my situation to read here in the first Boston Lacan Study Group meeting of 2017. I will also send it as an e-mail afterwards.

I’m going to make the briefest and most abstract comment about what I went through: I’m just going to state the three criteria that weren’t met by my university group and conclude with a quote on Lacan.

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AQUARIUM MANAGER (BACKGROUND: MACHINES BUZZING): “I’m [put the name of your “boss” here] All is fine here at [put the name of your working place here], I mean obviously the city has had a lot of problems and it’s been very hard for us to get into this building, but all the animals are fine, life support’s working great, and the building is is coming along just fine, so we are very positive, moving forward and we are not gonna have any issues, and we’ve got a FANTASTIC TEAM AND BLA BLA BLA BLA…” #PrayForTheSmokies

(Turkish translation)

They don’t even have the words to describe their situation. Who is “we”? What is a “problem”? What is an “issue”? What is coming along just fine? How are “we” “very positive”? What moving forward? What is the direction forward? North? South? East? West? Upward? Downward? #PreyForTheSmokies?


The context: 2016 Great Smoky Mountains wildfires

~~~ The arrow of time and the shitters ~~~

Those who think that they write using other people’s blood really write using their own shit. Those who think that they themselves are exempt from the arrow of time, that they are the directors and correctors of the arrow of time are in vain. Orient the arrow of time onto them and they shall humble. Show them their own blood and they will stop shitting on your face. They are the sick fruits of a sick tree. They think they carry the seeds but they are only the dirt around the seeds. They are the wastefulness that pretends to be an abundance. Stand your ground and their pretension shall quickly melt and pass like clouds and soon the sun will shine on the seeds of time.

~~~ Turkish Kettle Logic ~~~

The Cauldron That Died (A Nasreddin Hoca Joke)

Nasreddin Hodja, having need for a large cooking container, borrowed his neighbor’s copper cauldron, then returned it in a timely manner.

“What is this?” asked his neighbor upon examining the returned cauldron. “There is a small pot inside my cauldron.”

“Oh,” responded the Hodja. “While it was in my care your cauldron gave birth to a little one. Because you are the owner of the mother cauldron, it is only right that you should keep its baby. And in any event, it would not be right to separate the child from its mother at such a young age.”

The neighbor, thinking that the Hodja had gone quite mad, did not argue. Whatever had caused the crazy man to come up with this explanation, the neighbor had a nice little pot, and it had cost him nothing.

Some time later the Hodja asked to borrow the cauldron again.

“Why not?” thought the neighbor to himself. “Perhaps there will be another little pot inside when he returns it.”

But this time the Hodja did not return the cauldron. After many days had passed, the neighbor went to the Hodja and asked for the return of the borrowed cauldron.

“My dear friend,” replied the Hodja. “I have bad news. Your cauldron has died, and is now in her grave.”

“What are you saying?” shouted the neighbor. A cauldron does not live, and it cannot die. Return it to me at once!”

“One moment!” answered the Hodja. “This is the same cauldron that but a short time ago gave birth to a child, a child that is still in your possession. If a cauldron can give birth to a child, then it also can die.”

And the neighbor never again saw his cauldron.


The inability to acknowledge a proven fact, as translated into an appeal to an authority to “unfortunately” disregard some person (me, in this case)


4+ years ago, I had submitted the abstract “Gameplay is politics” (the first chapter of Dialectics of Game Design) to the 4th ICTs and Society meeting that was to take place in Uppsala, Sweden.

I did an e-mail submission before the announced “deadline“. According to the e-mail server logs of, the submission was technically successful.

However, for some unknown reason, my submission had not landed into the organizer’s (Marisol Sandoval) inbox (“junk”? “spam”? classification?)

As a result, she was unable to acknowledge my submission, eventhough I was able to prove by the server logs that it indeed took place.

This inability to acknowledge a proven fact led the organizer Marisol Sandoval to appeal to the authority of the “main organizer” Christian Fuchs.

She encrypted her appeal to him in the notion of a “slot” that was “unfortunately already filled.”

I had written the e-mail below to inform the organizing board members about the incident.

They did not respond.

The name of the meeting they organize, “ICTs and Society” means:

“Information and Communication Technologies and Society.”

Işık Barış Fidaner

PS: I had written another very short text at the time about the four kinds of discrimination mentioned in the e-mail (informal discrimination, physical discrimination, formal discrimination, electronic discrimination) that just makes their distinction and does not elaborate much about their specifics.