So Where’s My Youth — Yusuf Hayaloğlu

So where’s my joy;
My marbles, my spinning top,
My shirt tearing at the cherry tree?
They stole my childhood unbeknownst..

I’m left with no windows mother,
My kite got stuck at the wire nets..
So where’s my youth?

Whatever burns your mouth with steam,
Like bread, like love,
Oh, whatever on the side of beauty,
I had shared, I had grown.
People wouldn’t fit inside me..

What a mighty contradiction is this mother,
I fell to the “table of wolves”..
So where’s my resistance?

So where’s my pride;
My aquarium, my canary,
The cactus flower that I mollycoddled?
They took my books unquestioned..

Walls do not talk mother,
And no door remains open..
So where’s my youth?

Haven’t yet been caught in the wind,
Haven’t yet tasted the raki,
Have just-just began poetry,
I ran, I ran to the mountains;
Haven’t yet kissed no girl..

Garner the rains mother,
I caught the “fire of age”..
So where’s my conscience?

(Hani Benim Gençliğim)

English: Işık Barış Fidaner

Had become lyrics to a song by Ahmet Kaya:

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